Pelaverga 2023
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Verduno Pelaverga 2023, Fratelli Alessandria

The Verduno Pelaverga 2023 from Cantina Fratelli Alessandria is a wine that enchants with its aromatic profile and extraordinary versatility. Thanks to the favorable climatic conditions of the 2023 vintage, this wine represents an excellent example of Piedmontese winemaking tradition, perfect for accompanying numerous convivial occasions.

The 2023 vintage was characterized by ideal climatic conditions, with a mild spring and a hot but moderate summer. This allowed the grape variety to express its balanced and harmonious elegance to the fullest, with a refined structure and soft tannins. The wine’s freshness, accompanied by its light spiciness, makes it extremely pleasant to drink and perfect for a wide range of gastronomic pairings.

The Verduno Pelaverga DOC appellation, located in the Langhe region, specifically in the municipalities of Verduno, La Morra, and Roddi, is renowned for producing wines appreciated by knowledgeable and passionate connoisseurs of rarities. The Pelaverga grape, a rare and fascinating indigenous variety, imparts the wine with a fragrant and spicy aromatic profile and delicate balance between acidity and tannins.

We recommend it to you to make your summer a bit more “Speziale”:

Barbecue: The freshness and light spiciness of Pelaverga pair perfectly with grilled meat.
Poolside: An ideal companion for a summer outdoor aperitif.
Sushi and Ethnic Dishes: The delicacy and aromatic notes of the wine enhance the complex flavors of oriental cuisine.
Charcuterie and Cheese Platters: Perfect for bringing out the savory flavors and variety of aged meats and cheeses.
Fish: Surprising with certain fish preparations, especially lightly spiced ones.
Pizza and Various Appetizers: Its freshness makes it an excellent accompaniment to pizzas and assorted appetizers.
Mushrooms and Snails: The aromatic profile of Pelaverga enhances more elaborate and flavorful dishes.

We await you here, at the Speziale Wine Resort, to taste it together… perhaps by the poolside or under the patio overlooking the Langhe 😉

Pelaverga 2023