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We wish you a “Speziale” 2023

Dear “Speziale” friends,

2022 has been a very special year. With the birth of the Speziale wine resort, we have finally crowned our dream: being proud and sensitive ambassadors of the territory.

Wine is experience, emotion, relationship. It creates virtuous circles completed with the discovery of the origin territory. During this year, we have met many amazing people, and we are happy to have shared good times together.

We want to thank you because discovered us, chose us and trusted us. This is a privilege that we hope we have been able to reciprocate.

After one year, we can say that we are even more passionate and enthusiastic about this project, and we promise you in 2023 there will be more novelties that will allow you to enjoy more and more your experience in the Langhe.

Looking forward to meeting you again soon, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a “Speziale” 2023 !!!

P.S. Reopening on 27/03/2023 !